July 26, 2009

This summer, I started a little container garden on my front porch.

It’s my little victory garden.  I decided I would declare victory if I could eat anything from it.  As an aside, the scent of the green part of a tomato plant is probably my second favorite scent in the world. 

In spite of the fact that Summer seems a little reluctant to come to Cleveland this year, I can proudly state that I have grown and eaten foods from my front porch.

There’s been lots of basil and the rosemary is doing well.  One red tomato has been accompanied by a single banana pepper so far.  But it’s early.  Perhaps our August will be nice and warm.

And there has been knitting.  I seem to be addicted to the triangular lace shawl, probably because summer has been so elusive.  Heather has been the inspiration for both many of my recent projects and yarn purchases.  She recommended the Textured Shawl Recipe  (Ravelry link) for some Malabrigo Silky Merino I had. 

That Heather.  She knows whereof she speaks.  I’ve gone on a little Malabrigo bender lately.  More to come…


Suddenly, This Summer

July 21, 2009

… I have the urge to start blogging again.  It’s only been six months. Just a brief hiatus, right?

In the intervening time, I’ve had a milestone birthday and taken a trip to Paris.  I’ve finished a viral knit or three.  I’ve gotten a little addicted to Twitter. The economy has gone from bad to worse and things are awfully slow in the lower middle market M&A world.

Let’s see how long this blogging enthusiasm lasts!  For now, some pretty from Flickr.

1. BLT Salad, 2. Au café, 3. I love my new typewriter., 4. wonderland 9-patch in progress., 5. Paris: Chairs, 6. 7.10.09, 7. Hydrangea, 8. Scrappy: all done, 9. Lacy Baktus, 10. YIP.161 i may never knit again, 11. the joy of hex quilt progress!, 12. true fact, 13. Quadricromia, 14. Tradition & Attraction, 15. , 16. The ubiquitous Simplicity 3835, 17. cranes closeup, 18. Bread Bags, 19. Barn, 20. Memorial Pyschiatric Hospital, 21. good morning, 22. tea, knitting and a book – my morning at the balcony, 23. #17, 24. Untitled, 25. { violin }, 26. Ishbel II detail, 27. Kai-Mei, 28. Untitled, 29. peony garden, i., 30. what do you see, 31. { bungalow }, 32. Ripple, 33. kapow!, 34. march 26, 2009, 35. silk kerchief, 36. 79::365 – on my windowsill

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