‘Tis the Season

August 22, 2008

… to be very, very lazy. About blogging, finishing knitting projects, yardwork, etc. Also, it’s the season to eat very many tomato sandwiches and enjoy fresh basil and fizzy lemonade.

We’re ready for school to start Chez Moi. To say that J is excited about starting kindergarten next week is putting it rather mildly. He also lost his first tooth this past week. As far as I am concerned, I can’t handle any more younger-son-growing-up for a while. Bye bye, baby boy.

After a few weeks of really rather lovely weather, it’s gotten hot again in Cleveland. If it’s hot where you are, here’s something refreshing. To look at, anyway.


Knitting Blue and Green

August 3, 2008

Last year, I was all about red. This summer, I am really into blue and green. I cannot get enough blue and green. Voici, some close-ups of a lime market bag and navy Silky Wool which is on its way to being an Indigo Ripples Skirt.