The Lousy Blogger

January 22, 2009

… but The Happy Knitter.

Clockwise from left, The Lady Eleanor Stole, Gretel Hat, Spring Forward Fall Back Raglan, Silk Garden Socks.  (Ravelry links, all.)  These are just the things I have finished since the new year.  I also did a boatload of cowls, which make for boring pictures, and these…

These Convertible Mittens have since been modified to close up the thumbs, at the request of the recipient.

Next up, a viral knit, also known as the February Lady Sweater.

ETA:  Note that I did NOT say that all of these were started in January.  Only the sweater and the hat were.  The Silk Garden Socks were started in September.  The Lady Eleanor was started in March.  March of 2007.  Now you know my shame.