May 4, 2011

In spite of the fact that I believe I take crappy pictures and have a crappy camera, I am participating in MacroMay on Flickr.  It’s fun to take the extreme close-up.  Here’s one of something that’s super-easy to find all around my house.  Lego City is where it’s at.


Where Does the Time Go?

May 28, 2010

Whoa.  I did not mean to let two months go by without blogging.  Good weather and busy-ness.  That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

I am seriously overdue in posting about the awesome potholders I received in the Potholder Swap.  Here they are!

Yay!   Awesome work by (clockwise from top left) Betsy, Lucia R., Maureen, Myriam, and Kristin.   I will be teaching a vintage potholders class at River Colors next month and Maryse has kindly given me permission to use her awesome Modern Vintage Potholder pattern.  So  there’s more potholder happiness to come!  By the way, please please PLEASE click the link which is Maryse’s name and take a look at the socks she designed for Elinor’s Socks Revived contest.  They are amazing.  If you read the Outlander series of novels, you really need to see them!

I’ve been knitting and crocheting, but this past week, I’ve turned to sewing a bit.  One bad thing about renting a house can be yucky window treatments.  My dining room had dingy, old Roman shades, but I’ve fixed that.

I've been assured by two independent sources that the Eiffel Towers don't look jokey.

One good thing about moving into a rental house in the fall is that whatever comes up in the garden is a surprise.  I found these in the yard the other day.

Cute. Strawberries are just cute.

I’ve also started a vegetable garden for the first time.  I am so excited!  I planted two kinds of beans, three kinds of tomatoes, bell peppers, two kinds of radishes, carrots, Swiss chard, and a variety of herbs.   More pictures of the garden to come!

More tiny food!

March Spawned a Monster

March 27, 2010

… a crochet monster.  This month has completely gotten away from me, and my excuse is birthday madness combined with crochet crazies.

Modern Vintage Potholders, pattern by the redoubtable Maryse

First, there was the Potholder Swap.  I finished those and mailed them off.  I sort of thought after making ten identical double crochet circles with Tahki Cotton Classic and a D hook, I’d be over it.

Um, NO.

When I grow up, I will be a giant granny square.

Today, I felt what could only be called true compulsion to start a giant granny square blanket.  It will be composed of all my 100% wool scraps, partial balls, and orphan skeins, rounded out with some Patons Classic Wool I bought for no reason other than it was on sale at the Big Box Craft Store.

So far, I’ve done 15 rounds and it’s about 16 inches square.  And I am kind of in love with it.

Malabrigo March!

March 4, 2010

Mmm... merino.

Well, it’s that time of year for the Junkies… the festival of yarny yumminess which is Malabrigo March!  This is my first year participating and I am planning to do it up right.  In fine Mal March tradition, I will indulge my startitis, and cast on way too many projects.  I have already begun a Saroyan, pictured in the bottom right above, a Thorpe hat for the BF, and a Crosshatch Cowl (all Ravelry links).  I’ve amassed quite a bit of Malabrigo, so this provides a great opportunity to actually work with it and enjoy it.  Just some of my raw materials are shown above.  Apparently, my taste in colors occupies the entire spectrum from aqua (greeny-blue) to teal (blue-ish green).  I am very open-minded in that respect.  Seriously, I do own yarn that is not blue, nor green, nor blue-green.

Malabrigo March also gives me a break from crocheting potholders, which I am still doing.  It’s fun, but challenging in a number of ways.  First, 100% cotton is not my favorite fiber to work with … a little hard on the hands.  Also, because I don’t do it often, it’s difficult for me to achieve any sort of flow while crocheting.  I am the hooking equivalent of the person who moves her lips whilst reading to herself.  A return to knitting with soft and lovely merino is like a trip to the spa.

In a RUFKMRN?! update, the asshat from Kentucky has relented and allowed the Senate to pass a 30-day extension of federal unemployment benefits.  If only he had been so vigilant in defense of fiscal restraint when the former President paid for tax cuts for his friends and a war on two fronts with a credit card.


February 26, 2010

When I was working, a friend of mine and I had our own “WTF”-type acronym to use as an all-purpose response to Baffling Company Decisions, Bizarre Statements by Ex-es, etc.  It was “RUFKMRN?!”   This stands for “Are you f&#$ing kidding me right now?!”  True, it’s not as succinct and pithy as WTF.  But my admittedly unwieldy acronym conveys a sense of deep disgust and moral outrage in a way that WTF just can’t.

I had my RUFKMRN moment this afternoon when I learned of legislation passed in Utah criminalizing certain miscarriages.  How this law could possibly be applied in any sort of fair or rational manner is unimaginable.  Will all miscarriages be investigated to determine whether they were caused intentionally or recklessly?  Really?  Note that the recklessness standard would not require the State to prove that the woman intended to cause her miscarriage.  Wow.

How this law could have been passed by a state legislature is similarly unthinkable.  Thanks, Mary-Heather, for reminding me that women must remain vigilant in protecting our rights.

In crafty news, crocheting potholders continues apace Chez Laura.  I might have bought more cotton.

Edited to add the obvious:

Pattern:  Modern Vintage Potholder by Maryse Roudier

Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic, Color Numbers 3001 (white), 3805 (bright turquoise), 3856 (navy).

Hook: Susan Bates, size D. (I changed my mind about that Brittany Birch  hook.  The hook part isn’t deep enough, so I kept dropping the yarn.  Kind of hard to get in a rhythm.)


February 24, 2010

Today, a series of random thoughts about this and that…

The crochet craze continues at Cafe au Laine!  In addition to making potholders, I made a little scarf out of some alpaca-acrylic blend that’s been in my stash.  (Related query: why am I incapable of passing up sale yarn when I go into the Big Box Craft Store only for crayons for the Littles and the new issue of Insert-Name-of-Fiber-Mag-Here?)

That’s a Brittany Birch crochet hook, which I just picked up at the yarn shop.   I wasn’t sure about the design of the hook-y part (nota bene the highly technical terminology here), but I like it.  The wood feels nice in the hand.


If you are feeling Very Sad and Small, and things seem not so very good, the Oldies Soul Pandora station is cheering.  Bad moods shrivel and die in the presence of Sam Cooke.  Works for me.


Lending libraries are, in my opinion, one of the great innovations of the modern era.  I’ve been frequenting mine often lately.  I make liberal use of the online catalog and its “Place a Hold” button.  This is very helpful if you like mystery series, and don’t like reading them out of order.  Recommendation if you like that sort of thing: the Charles Lenox series.


February 19, 2010

The other day, I was sitting in my dining room, in a comfy chair in the corner, knitting.  I started thinking about all the projects I have going, and want or need to do.  I came to a shocking realization.  I am totally overcommitted.

I have promised to do two samples for the store. One of them is for a class and the other is in laceweight.

New Noro! Sekku (cotton/wool/nylon/silk) in color #4.

Projects are on the needles which are intended as gifts for my mom and my sister.  I have started a Spiral Yoke Pullover which I’d like to wear before fall.  Also, Ravelympics!  Overcome by my natural joiner tendencies, I tagged my long-neglected Girasole (Rav link, that) for the WIPs Dancing event, which means that I should be finishing it in the next week or so.

Yeah, that’ll happen.

What do mercerized cotton and Scottish Highlanders have in common?

And speaking of joiner tendencies, there’s Potholder Swap 2010!  Pictured above is more 100% cotton yarn than I have worked with in the past four years combined, I’m sure.  Participants in this redoubtable event are required to dispatch five double-sided cotton potholders (all the same pattern) to the home of Adrian to arrive by March 27.  That would be eminently doable, I guess, if I didn’t keep changing my mind about which pattern I want to use.  Gah!  Indecision!

Will it be simple double crochet circles?