Easily Distracted

I love the slipped stitches.

I had such good intentions to finish the Oatmeal Pullover this weekend.  But then a skein of Rasta (colorway: Solis) got in the way.

After much hemming, hawing, and Ravelry-searching, I decided the wham bam thank you lamb neckwarmer would be the pattern.  Lots of people have made it with Rasta, and I particularly liked LisaKay2004’s slip-stitch modification.  I checked my gauge.  I read the pattern.  I know I got a finished piece of knitting that is basically the same size as that called for in the pattern, but mine doesn’t have the slouch that I want.  Waaah.  I’m going to try getting it wet and blocking it bigger.

Also very likely: that I will buy another skein of this yarn in this same colorway and make another cowl!


One Response to Easily Distracted

  1. knittymama says:

    My cowls always seem to need a couple of days of wear before they seem to get that slouch effect that is so nice. Maybe yours will too?

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