Two Days in a Row? Crazy!

Shortly after this picture was taken, these veg became borscht.

Remember what I said about the cookies not being a big hit with the boys? Scratch that. Sam LOVED them. Thank goodness I put some in the freezer or they would all be gone.  Lunch was Roasted Beet and Potato Borscht (recipe courtesy of Everyday Food).

Long have I believed that I didn’t like beets.  Um, revising that opinion. This month, I’ve been trying to eat more colorful veggies, so I gave beets another try. Yum.  And perhaps my post yesterday was slightly misleading.  I haven’t gone completely vegan. For example, I stirred some sour cream into my soup and inhaled it like a Hoover.

I was all set this weekend to knit like the wind on a seamless, top-down raglan I started.  But instead, I worked yesterday on a giant granny blanket that’s been languishing as a WIP.  (The header photo is a close-up of it.) Unfortunately, I’ve also been reading knit blogs and browsing Ravelry and I want to start about 900 new things.  I especially am feeling the desire to knit a stripey shawl, something like this one or this one, both of which were featured on Knitted Bliss.

This house is a total disaster area, due to the Awesome Destructive Power of Small Boys. I want to sit and knit, but John’s got a piano recital and my parents are coming over afterwards and, sadly, the house doesn’t clean itself.  I think I’ll put this album on and get to work!



6 Responses to Two Days in a Row? Crazy!

  1. jodi says:

    Woo hoo for granny squares! I love my cashmerino giant granny to distraction.

    Mmm… borscht. That was my favorite food up until I was 2 years old! My mom had to put down a drop cloth on the kitchen floor under my high chair.

    Have you tried making roasted beet salads? I love combining them with spring greens, roasted potatoes, goat cheese, and vinaigrette. Yum! I think beets get a bad rap b/c of the nasty canned version.

    • Laura Brodbeck says:

      Making that salad as soon as I buy more beets to roast! Sounds so yummy! And I agree about the canned beets. If people don’t like beets, that’s why.

  2. hmm. beets have been mentioned in my vicinity repeatedly in the last 2 days. I think that means it’s time to buy beets. I really want those ones that are layered purple/white.

  3. I hear ya about the house cleaning. I went back to work full time a few months ago, and the (not-so-)small boys around here have all but destroyed my house. It seems like all I do on the weekends is clean, do laundry, and drive kids to activities.

    Most beets taste like dirt to me, although I do like baby beet salad with goat cheese. Yum!

  4. knittymama says:

    “Awesome Destructive Power of Small Boys”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Feel your pain, my house is the same:-)

  5. lanajoh says:

    The awesome destructive power of small boys… my husband doesn’t believe that this exists. He just comes in and asks me why the house is a mess. It makes no difference if I knit or not.

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