What’s Making Me Happy Now. (I Think. In Part.)

1. Craft fairs. I’ve been to two great ones recently, Bazaar Bizarre at the Larchmere Street Festival and the Cleveland Craft Coalition‘s show today at River Colors Studio/Blackbird Baking Company.   Many wonderful things were found and purchased at each, but  I will post merely a picture of the Hands and Notions Yarn I picked up at Bazaar Bizarre.  It didn’t have a name,* but it reminds me of the colors in a stalk of rhubarb.

* Variegated sock yarn without a colorway name? It's almost ... subversive.

Shannon said this yarn would make me cry.  It was all so pretty, I was nearly moved to tears by having to leave the rest behind.

2. Birds taking baths. There is something supercute about this to me.  Some sparrows were taking a bath in a puddle on my driveway just now, but I wasn’t quick enough with the camera.

3. Sock yarn in general. I have been knitting socks like crazy!  Suddenly, I love socks again!  And so, I had to buy some of Jeanne‘s yarn at her trunk show today.  Again, I could have come home with one of each, but I was the model of restraint.

Yosemite on top and Annie Oakley on the bottom! So much pretty!

Jeanne’s yarn is so beautiful online, but it is beyond gorgeous in person.  Out-of-towners, buy with impunity, you will not be disappointed.

4. Being employed.  Sort of. I both mean that I am sort of employed, and that I am sort of happy about it.  I  am working as a temp lawyer (yay, money!) doing electronic document review (boo, eyes that feel like they’re bleeding!) full-time (yay!) but possibly only through next week (boo!).  In general, though, my feeling about this job is grateful.

5. Knitting socks! Did I mention this already?  I heart socks!  Here’s a pair that I’ve been working on in Panda Cotton, which I also love.  The pattern is Kaiso, in the truly awesome book, Knitted Socks East and West.

Words fail me with regard to these lovely socks.

And I am gearing up for Shannon and Margaret‘s book/sock KAL next month.  Sweet!


4 Responses to What’s Making Me Happy Now. (I Think. In Part.)

  1. sulafaye says:

    It’s a good thing that colorway doesn’t have a name or I would be chanting it in my sleep tonight. Gorgeous! Glad to hear there is such joy to be shared at Cafe au Laine these days, although I hope the temp position becomes non-temp someday soon for you!

  2. ronnie says:

    sharing other people’s happy list is making me happy…

  3. senjiva says:

    I could really use some rhubarb pie right now.

  4. Jodi says:

    The Hands and Notions yarn is just beautiful, and I love that lacy sock pattern you’re knitting.

    Hooray for employment! We know all about doc review here. My husband used to do that, and it led to an awesome permanent job as in-house counsel. So good luck!! 🙂

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