A Little Bit of Blue

Over the last few days, the nice weather has come to Northeast Ohio.  I’ve been able to get out for some hiking and been indulging in a new (since fall) interest — birding.  Here’s one of the ones I saw yesterday.

Eastern Bluebird at Frohring Meadows

This is not an April Fool.  I really have been birding, and I have been going outdoors (beyond drinking coffee al fresco at cafes).  Knitting and birding seem to me to have many similar advantages, a topic which I will explore when I have more time.  Meanwhile, it’s 9:30 AM here and it’s already well over 60 degrees.  I need to get outside.


3 Responses to A Little Bit of Blue

  1. sulafaye says:

    It sounds like a match made in hobby heaven to me! Great picture, too. Thanks for that. I needed a little nature in my day.

  2. Heather says:

    When the girls were little, we used to go birding with little notebooks and write down everything we saw, it was so much fun! I totally get your enthusiasm for it, and it seems to me that avid birdwatchers & knitters are both two totally obsessed groups of people:)

  3. Sourire11 says:

    My little girl just started noticing birds so we’re birding alot around here! She looks at trees and points now… so fun.

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