Malabrigo March!

Mmm... merino.

Well, it’s that time of year for the Junkies… the festival of yarny yumminess which is Malabrigo March!  This is my first year participating and I am planning to do it up right.  In fine Mal March tradition, I will indulge my startitis, and cast on way too many projects.  I have already begun a Saroyan, pictured in the bottom right above, a Thorpe hat for the BF, and a Crosshatch Cowl (all Ravelry links).  I’ve amassed quite a bit of Malabrigo, so this provides a great opportunity to actually work with it and enjoy it.  Just some of my raw materials are shown above.  Apparently, my taste in colors occupies the entire spectrum from aqua (greeny-blue) to teal (blue-ish green).  I am very open-minded in that respect.  Seriously, I do own yarn that is not blue, nor green, nor blue-green.

Malabrigo March also gives me a break from crocheting potholders, which I am still doing.  It’s fun, but challenging in a number of ways.  First, 100% cotton is not my favorite fiber to work with … a little hard on the hands.  Also, because I don’t do it often, it’s difficult for me to achieve any sort of flow while crocheting.  I am the hooking equivalent of the person who moves her lips whilst reading to herself.  A return to knitting with soft and lovely merino is like a trip to the spa.

In a RUFKMRN?! update, the asshat from Kentucky has relented and allowed the Senate to pass a 30-day extension of federal unemployment benefits.  If only he had been so vigilant in defense of fiscal restraint when the former President paid for tax cuts for his friends and a war on two fronts with a credit card.


2 Responses to Malabrigo March!

  1. Jodi says:

    Oodles of Malabrigo goodness! I’m a big fan of blues/greens myself.

    Following the proceedings in the Senate has made me just nuts lately.

  2. Kristin says:

    pretty pretty colors!
    Jon Stewart has been having a field day with this mess, btw.

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