When I was working, a friend of mine and I had our own “WTF”-type acronym to use as an all-purpose response to Baffling Company Decisions, Bizarre Statements by Ex-es, etc.  It was “RUFKMRN?!”   This stands for “Are you f&#$ing kidding me right now?!”  True, it’s not as succinct and pithy as WTF.  But my admittedly unwieldy acronym conveys a sense of deep disgust and moral outrage in a way that WTF just can’t.

I had my RUFKMRN moment this afternoon when I learned of legislation passed in Utah criminalizing certain miscarriages.  How this law could possibly be applied in any sort of fair or rational manner is unimaginable.  Will all miscarriages be investigated to determine whether they were caused intentionally or recklessly?  Really?  Note that the recklessness standard would not require the State to prove that the woman intended to cause her miscarriage.  Wow.

How this law could have been passed by a state legislature is similarly unthinkable.  Thanks, Mary-Heather, for reminding me that women must remain vigilant in protecting our rights.

In crafty news, crocheting potholders continues apace Chez Laura.  I might have bought more cotton.

Edited to add the obvious:

Pattern:  Modern Vintage Potholder by Maryse Roudier

Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic, Color Numbers 3001 (white), 3805 (bright turquoise), 3856 (navy).

Hook: Susan Bates, size D. (I changed my mind about that Brittany Birch  hook.  The hook part isn’t deep enough, so I kept dropping the yarn.  Kind of hard to get in a rhythm.)


3 Responses to RUFKMRN?!

  1. Jen says:

    I love the acronym 🙂 When I first read it though I thought it was short for are you a F***ing moron, i liked that too, both make me chuckle
    Jen 🙂

  2. sula says:

    I don’t even know what to say to that legislation. But until I figure it out I’ll say nice potholder.

  3. Yay! I received this blue one in the swap! Thank you for making such a beautiful pot holder that I can now enjoy 🙂

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