The other day, I was sitting in my dining room, in a comfy chair in the corner, knitting.  I started thinking about all the projects I have going, and want or need to do.  I came to a shocking realization.  I am totally overcommitted.

I have promised to do two samples for the store. One of them is for a class and the other is in laceweight.

New Noro! Sekku (cotton/wool/nylon/silk) in color #4.

Projects are on the needles which are intended as gifts for my mom and my sister.  I have started a Spiral Yoke Pullover which I’d like to wear before fall.  Also, Ravelympics!  Overcome by my natural joiner tendencies, I tagged my long-neglected Girasole (Rav link, that) for the WIPs Dancing event, which means that I should be finishing it in the next week or so.

Yeah, that’ll happen.

What do mercerized cotton and Scottish Highlanders have in common?

And speaking of joiner tendencies, there’s Potholder Swap 2010!  Pictured above is more 100% cotton yarn than I have worked with in the past four years combined, I’m sure.  Participants in this redoubtable event are required to dispatch five double-sided cotton potholders (all the same pattern) to the home of Adrian to arrive by March 27.  That would be eminently doable, I guess, if I didn’t keep changing my mind about which pattern I want to use.  Gah!  Indecision!

Will it be simple double crochet circles?


2 Responses to Overcommitted

  1. Jodi says:

    Busy, busy! I love the double crochet circles, and what a great mixture of colors.

    In the end…

    I always loved Methos on the Highlander TV show.

  2. Dr. B. says:

    Such yummy colors you’ve picked for that potholder! And that over-committed feeling is really a doozy. Be sure to take care of yourself and have fun in as much of it as possible.

    Oh, also, I’ve missed being in the blogosphere, and I’m just now getting back in. It’s nice to see you’re still here…


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