Lunch Break

I sat on the plaza outside my office today for lunch, and for once, I had my camera. 

IMG_0754 There was a band playing for everyone.  Their name is Uncanny Xela and they played a kind of psychedelic-funk-soul-60s pop-type music.  Covering “Never Can Say Goodbye” was a good call.  Covering the Muppets Show theme was even better.

Cornhole!As usual, there were people playing cornhole on the sidewalk.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this game, it involves throwing beanbags into holes cut into wooden platforms.  It’s a lot like horseshoes, from what I can gather.  This is so Ohio.

I had a very colorful lunch.

Primary Colors

I always enjoy seeing a bicycle leaning against a tree.  So pretty.  For some reason, it makes me really happy.


And, with that, I feel the weekend has begun.  Happy Friday!


2 Responses to Lunch Break

  1. Sonya says:

    Cornhole on the city streets! Who knew? I thought it was just us rural hicks. Your colorful lunch looks so yummy.

  2. addknitter says:

    Cornhole??? I thought that was a euphemism for a certain orifice…;)

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