The Color of Disappointment

Last night, my friend Kristin and I were hanging out, eating her yummy veggie enchiladas and knitting lace.  We came to the conclusion that lace projects are not ideal for social knitting.

So this morning I decided to start a very mindless knitting project and I settled on the Gloria Cowl.  It’s a lovely pattern and a lot of the cool kids have already made one or several (Ravelry links, all, and one featuring a snood ’round a rather famous neck).  I went up to the stash, where I have a shocking amount of lovely sock yarn.  And I happened upon some Koigu that I had forgotten that I had.  Perfect!

Or maybe not so much.  What I loved in the skein, is not so gorgeous knitted up.  Or at least, the predominant colors I see are ones that will make me look very unwell.

It should be noted that, in life, the orange-gold-ochre-olive are not so balanced with the blue and purple as they appear here.  I have a rule, though, about not frogging projects that are made with two strands held together, because I value my tenuous grasp on sanity.  So the only thing to do is finish it, and hope that someone I know will see it and fall in love.


10 Responses to The Color of Disappointment

  1. Sonya says:

    Lace for me is neither a social knit or a solitary knit. Unless it’s really simple. That yarn is so pretty in the yarn cake! Would a slip stitch pattern balance the colors?

  2. When I have to frog anything double stranded, I keep the strands together, and consider it always and forever “chunky” yarn.

  3. Chrissy says:

    I like the colors! As for social lace – I’m totally not able to do it. I have to be by myself with no distractions to competently knit lace.

  4. Sourire11 says:

    Thanks for the congratulations!!! Yeah we’re pretty excited… Hopefully I’ll be feeling a little better and back to the blogging soon!

    And no – lace is not social knitting. 🙂

  5. Heather says:

    Yes–and cables don’t make for a social occasion either! I tried working on my Habitat hat at the hair salon yesterday and was just chatty chatty chatty and oops! Yeah, I could have used a Gloria cowl.

    Sorry you don’t like the colors of the koigu, I suppose a solid color would be the way to go…and thanks for the little shout out:)

  6. Phoebe says:

    Yummy veggie enchiladas? They sound wonderful so far. Any chance your friend (and you) would be willing to share the recipe with a grateful reader?

  7. Kristin says:

    it’s called “white trash make it up as you go”
    (my specialty)

    lightly oil glass baking dish (i like olive oil)

    in a large bowl add anything you like to eat
    i like black beans (pintos work well too), sometimes rice, chopped tomato (if in hurry canned is fine, in fact, fire-roasted with green chilis is good), ummmm, small can of jalapenos, fresh corn cut off the cob (makes a difference), any leftover veg you’ve been cooking or make some (i like sauteed mushrooms, grilled zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, roasted red peppers… but whatever), sometimes i put some frozen spinach in hot water to loosen up and then squeeze the heck out of it with my hands and then roll up in paper towels to get as much moisture as possible out.

    mix that up with liberal amounts of oregano (if you have mexican oregano so much the better)… whatever you like

    spoon big old spoonfuls onto tortillas and roll ’em up like cigars, line them up in the baking dish and cover with green chili enchilada sauce (a whole can, trust me it won’t be hot) and then a half a jar of super good red salsa like a fire roasted tomato or corn and tomato salsa

    then cheese up the top

    bake at 375 for around 40 minutes
    sour cream on top, maybe slices of avocado
    white trash heaven

    ps when i am super tired after work, i skip the enchilada part and just dump whatever i like onto a big old hunk of cornbread and heat it up in the oven for 20 minutes or so and yum

  8. Lisa says:

    Wise rule, indeed about not frogging the two strands. I recently frogged a Drops Jacket (yes, that one) I made double stranded AFTER I blocked it. The yarn had felted together and it was ……well, it was pretty bad!

  9. Phoebe says:

    Thanks for the recipe, Laura and Kristin. Sounds delicious and no doubt will be making an appearance in my own kitchen very soon!

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