More from the Needless Stash Acquisition Department

I went to the Great Lakes Fiber Festival yesterday with friends/fellow knitters/accomplices Sandy, Megan, and Kristin. I sort of overdid it on the yarn buying. But so much prettiness could not be resisted! I am powerless before the pretty!

Flying Fibers Wensleydale

This is my favorite purchase of the day. It’s Flying Fibers Wensleydale sportweight. The colors are the wateriest blues and greens you can imagine. I looked at it and just said “ahhhh…” Peace in wool form. I’d really like to make a nice-sized rectangular lace stole with this. I have about half a pound, or 550 yards. Pattern ideas will be warmly received. I know I can do a Ravelry search. But, in a blatant ploy for comments, I’ll incorporate some interactivity in this post.

Briar Rose SonomaBriar Rose Sonoma

These two beauties are from Chris at Briar Rose Fibers. They’re two skeins of bulky-weight Sonoma, one in blues and greens and the other really very teal. They are destined to be a sweater vest. As was the case last year, the Briar Rose booth was gorgeously arranged with beautiful samples and all that beautiful yarn. It just made you want to take it all home, hole up in your house, and knit for weeks. Which I suppose was exactly the desired reaction.

And of course, I could not possibly resist the siren call of handpainted sock yarn.

Creatively Dyed Merino

Dianne of Creatively Dyed Yarns has been tempting the Knit Ohio Ravelry group with photos of the yarn she planned to bring to Wooster. Her booth was enormous and filled to bursting with more handpainted yarn than you can imagine. I am not certain if she sleeps. This sock yarn is a great happy combination of purple, pink, blue, and green.

So, yes indeedy, I totally overdid it. But it was a beautiful late spring day and, in the company of good friends and fellow fiber enthusiasts, it’s easy for the defenses to fall. All I need to do now is resist starting a stole with that Wensleydale.


5 Responses to More from the Needless Stash Acquisition Department

  1. pamela wynne says:

    LOVE those dark blue-greens. And where is the Great Lakes Fiber Festival held? And, more importantly, why did I not know of such an event!?!?

  2. Sounds like a great weekend indeed. Love your new acquisitions!

  3. Amy says:

    I just love all the yarn!

    Have you considered Japanese Vines or Tiennie’s Old Shale scarf for the beautiful Wensleydale?

  4. Sourire11 says:

    I’m sorry I missed you there! Your purchases are beautiful. Did Travis ever find you with his homebrew?

  5. Olga says:

    Oh, girl. If you do figure out what pattern you want for your pretty, pretty sportweight, let me know, because I’m still dithering over my blue faced leicester dk, in roughly the same amount. Although the character of the yarn is probably pretty different.

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